About Us

About Us

SAriF Tropical Bubbles Soapery is a bath and body products company based in New Jersey, and own by an Afrolatina immigrant that moved to the states in 2007. The creation of this brand was prompted by the desire to serve our local church by teaching the youth about the soap making process.

After investigating and learning how to make soap and all the artificial ingredients used in mainstream brands, the aspiration of making a more natural soap was born. The benefits of using products with natural ingredients were evident, and the drive to contribute and offer a more natural option prompted the creation of this brand.

As part of a Christian community that values health and promotes the use of plants and vegetables for the nourishment and healing of the body, our products are created with ingredients that reflect these values. Our products do not contain any animal fats and are mostly vegan. Only one or two of our soaps contain honey, milk or other non-vegan ingredients, which will be clearly indicated in the labels.

Thank you for supporting our business and we hope you enjoy our products.

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